Years after being exposed for bilking thousands of dollars for a phony Hawaii trip to investigate Tulsi Gabbard, Orr Bueno takes aim at the Canadian…
While WEF Young Leader Leana Wen insists that overcounting of COVID-19 death isn’t intentional, numerous examples show the opposite. This is the first…
A secretive 2018 federal contract award shows USSSOCOM paid millions of dollars to Blackwater for media training.
For Redacted, Dan Cohen examines how Peter Hotez came to prominence thanks to Fauci, Bill Gates and the Clintons, and how he has served as a deceptive…
While Evelyn Farkas agitates for U.S. weapons shipments that she says will ensure a Ukrainian victory, she admits that Russian defeat is not "on the…
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Una investigación exclusiva de Uncaptured Media expone el papel del aparato de desinformación de Washington en la "peor masacre en una década" en Haití.
An Uncaptured Media exclusive investigation exposes the role of Washington's disinformation apparatus in Haiti's "worst massacre in a decade."
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